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The string bass or double bass is a traditional Classical music instrument, but is also very versatile. Tyson places great emphasis on mastering sight reading and aural skills to increase the overall abilities on the instrument. Under Tyson’s tutelage, you can learn anything from bluegrass styles, to jazz, to classical repertoire. It is an instrument that is challenging but very rewarding as well.

The bass guitar has been a staple in popular musical styles since its inception in 1950 by Leo Fender. James Jamerson of Motown acclaim was considered the first great master, followed by the likes of Jaco Pastorius and many more. With Tyson’s direction, you will come to know how to be a versatile bassist in all styles of American popular music, including: how to invent a bassline, groove and solo in each style. As a bassist, it is important to learn how to establish groove with impeccable timing. In Tyson’s studio, he simulates live grooves via a drumset and piano/guitar accompaniments to create an environment similar to a live setting. Ear training is also an essential part of success on the bass guitar. You will receive instruction in pitch recognition and transposing as it pertains to basslines. No more TABS!

Beginner Piano

These lessons provide straight forward instruction for beginners on the piano. Learn how to play with both hands, how to read music, learn songs, develop repertoire, and gain music knowledge that beginners can understand. You’ll be a successful pianist on your way to great things!

Beginner to Intermediate Voice

These vocal music lessons provide straight forward instruction for all ages and skill levels. Learn how to sing with a full voice, control pitch, hear and translate music, read music, sing in different styles, and apply and understand music theory in the simplest terms.

Music theory/Songwriting

Explore the building blocks of music through discovery and application such as: pitch, rhythm, meter, harmony, melody, scales and form. The art of songwriting gives way to ultimate musical expression and ownership over creation. It’s fun and exciting with a great sense of musical purpose and accomplishment. Songwriting lessons come with instruction in the guidelines and craft of composing music and lyrics.


The cello has been a staple of classical music from chamber music to symphonies. Tyson provides instruction for the necessary skills for success with classical music. Cello lessons will guide you to ascertaining the proper techniques; from holding the instrument to bowing and fingerboard pedagogy. Tyson focuses on learning scales in all keys, repertoire for the cello, sight reading, orchestral pedagogy, and performance techniques. You could be the next Yo Yo Ma!

Read Tyson’s teaching statement and philosophy to learn more about his style.

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