Teaching Philosophy


Teaching Statement:

I believe that music is a universal language in which students can comprehend the most basic of information as well as specific concepts and methods that are the foundation of music. As a low strings instructor, it is my responsibility to provide the necessary knowledge in addition to challenging the student. My three objectives are to 1) obtain proper techniques and fundamentals on the instrument, 2) comprehend and apply concepts of music theory, 3) appreciate the history and various styles of the instrument.

I invite my students to utilize their life experiences when learning how to play the instrument. In order to complete the objectives for each student, my approach is to create an interactive environment for learning music. As an instructor, my philosophy is to be sensitive to individual differences and to ensure that students understand their expectations, goals, and the steps they need to take to meet those objectives.

I am an instructor who believes in utilizing teaching methods which best enhance excellent communication, critical thinking and creative processing of music and life to foster independence and personal growth in every student. As a passionate performer, I believe in motivating students to be dedicated, versatile and creative by example. It is my goal to create an environment for my students that is conducive to preparing them for success on their given instrument.

My four main teaching strategies to promote active learning are:
1. Verbal
2. Visual
3. Auditory
4. Tactile

My three “I’s” to engage students in active learning are:
1. Information
2. Integration
3. Interaction