Students and parents often express happiness and appreciation about their music teacher, lessons experience, progress, etc. These are the comments I’ve received for my music studio.

“Tyson has done a superior job of teaching my daughter Lauren how to play the double bass. Lauren was intimidated at the thought of any type of public performance. She is now 1st chair bass for the 7th grade Orchestra, the 7th grade Jazz Band, and the 8th grade Jazz Ensemble at her Middle School. Lauren is working to try out for the Front Range Youth Orchestra and competing in the Music and Arts Solo Competition. Tyson doesn’t just give her “exercises” to learn or make sure she knows the songs she is learning. He is teaching her how to perform and encouraging her to develop her talent because she enjoys it. Tyson is a father himself and it is evident in the way he interacts with Lauren.”

–Jack M., parent
Thornton, CO

“Tyson is an excellent bass coach. Our middle school aged son had been taking from Tyson for a year an a half and his playing has taken off. Tyson is our second coach (we switched from our first because he wasn’t good with kids or parents). I endured a childhood of grouchy music teachers and won’t subject our kids to that. Tyson instructs cello and bass, classical and jazz styles. Highly recommend.”

–Anne H., parent
Littleton, CO

“Tyson has been a great pleasure to learn from. He has took the time to help me learn and really understand music better. Without Tyson’s patience and teaching techniques, I’m not sure I would have made it through music. Tyson is an amazing teacher!”

–Kayla S., student
Littleton, CO